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Case Study: Why, What and How

Case study is a project, that means a thorough and deep analysis of an issue. Although “case” seems to relate to certain type of business or legal activities, in fact this term may be applied to various subjects of research. Case studies might deal with medicine, psychology, economy and even art studies. So, answering the question “what is a case study” it is possible to say that basic idea is defining a problem and making attempts to solve it by means of observation, analysis and calculations. Having clarified a case study definition, it seems to be only logical to move to describing the most important constituents of a case study template.

Case study format presupposes, that the first part of a project is stating of the problem and providing your reader with a background information about it. Case study examples might also involve enumerating reasons, why the problem exists, the influence of the issues on an organization or a filed, where they occur, and factors, that lead to appearance of the problems. It is necessary to remember, that though the general idea of a case study is common for all the fields where it can be held, however, when it comes to a case study psychology, for instance, you need to make sure that your study is ethically appropriate and doesn't lead to conflicts between you and the subjects of your research. Although these problems are unlikely to occur when you perform a case study coffee, for example, researching practices, implemented by the “Starbucks” network, you still have to double- and triple-check all the data, documents and resources, that you use in your case study example.

The next step of a case study research is identifying possible solutions to the major problem you've pointed out. Here you also may talk about alternative solutions, and explain, why your ones fit the case much better. Finally, suggest the solution that, you think, is the most reasonable and justify your choice with factual information.

Case Study: From the General to the Specifics

It's impossible to know how to write a case study, without proper understanding of its purpose. Case study method is aimed at implementing the knowledge, you've acquired during your studies into practice. Although you still need to work with big amounts of academic literature, it is vital the you realize how the mechanisms of problem solving work in day-to-day situations. Writing hesi case studies or case control study, for instance, will help you deal with patients in far more efficient and painless manner. Analyzing Harvard case studies you will make better business decisions in future and sharpen your logic in general.

Thus, when you define case study, it is obvious, that it resembles research paper writing a lot, however, it deals with practical implementation of knowledge, rather than theoretical research of a problem. Having completed your case study project you not only justify the significance your research, but also suggest a solution, that might be used not only by you, but also by your colleagues in their practice. Almost every specialist has once completed a profound case study. So be one of them! Good luck!

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